EssenceAWARETM soul recognition path to self-empowerment and true authenticity
Sophia's MIRROR
A soul illuminating experience leading to soul-realization and greater self-love

"Wow! This is an amazing tool of trans-formation. A beautiful tool to know yourself on a deep soul level. I recommend this to everyone." Kristen White, TV Host of The Ripple Effect

In this reading, you will see your reflection in a mirror of ancient wisdom and you will feel both the accuracy and excitement of being seen at such a profound level. As we journey together we will discover the coordinates that bring you into your authentic expression." Stephan

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Here's what Kristen White, TV Host of The Ripple Effect, award-winning journalist said "Wow! This is an amazing tool of transformation. Stephan has spent countless hours creating this beautiful tool to know yourself on a deep soul level. I recommend this to everyone."

Professional Endorsements
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soul reading.


Davina Kotulski, Ph.D.
Author, Psychologist and Life Coach
The Flexible Flyer

"Stephan has created an amazing system that weaves together the teachings and wisdom of many ancient traditions. I found my profile to be spot on. It was a great reminder to prioritize the gifts I've come here to share as well as a nod to the path I"m walking now and devoting my life to. The reading also gave me permission to stop playing small in some of the areas I feared I was taking up to much space and showed me how the Universe is inviting me to play a bigger game by bringing me into this incarnation with this Divine Matrix of qualities, skills, talents, passions, etc. Thanks again!! I highly recommend this!"


Dr. Stefan Kasian, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, published author, and international public speaker.
The Sentimental Dynamo

"This is a gift to the world, a unique way of seeing who you are by combining facets from a dozen systems of belief. It is a synergy of perspectives that can help point you to the gift of who you truly are. Great accomplishments and great people came from realizing their uniqueness. why wait? You are what you are waiting for."


Dr. Chiara Gasparro, Ed.D.
Empowerment and Creative Stress Management for individuals, partners, families and organizations.
The Twin-Powered Persistant

"Thank you for your spirited Soul Purpose Reading. Being familiar with many system of self empowerment, I am amazed, excited about, and appreciate the synthesis of the wisdom into a reading enhanced by visuals, fun and the unpredictable. I especially appreciated the merging of words and visuals throughout."


David Michel Gow
International Playwright and Movie Producer
The Twin-Powered Wizard

"Phenomenal, integrated, almost infinitely varied system of divination with multiple cultural, mathematical reference points, which help a person to read a map of where and who they are, have been and can be.""


Jamie Feldstein, MA MFTI
Holistic Psychotherapist & Wellness Coach
The Beguiling Artiste

"A day later, I continue the process of marinating in, surrendering to and ultimately awakening to my divinely chosen soul essence, which I now understand on a much deeper spiritual plane. I am profoundly moved and at times overwhelmed to the point of //tears// as I latch onto a deeper understanding of my soul essence in conjunction with its accompanying traits and truths. Even though my number 1 AwakenESSENCE coordinate feels daunting a lot of the time, I am shifting into a space of allowing myself to just BEcome one with it and embrace its vibrance, vitality and unique flavor. Much gratitude Stephan for opening my eyes to the authentic "double truth" of who and what I came into this lifetime to do and be. Stephan's MIRROR is a game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking deeper knowledge about themselves and/or curiosity about their Soul Purpose. Thanks for being YOU Stephan Coutts, you are a conduit of pure love, integrity and inspiration!"


Tommy Thayer
Lead guitarist for the legendary rock band KISS
The Designing Mastermind

"This was fantastic and will greatly help me understand much more about my being and true essence.""


Staff Pick Psychic at California Psychics
The Intuitive Traditionalist

"As a professional psychic I am blown away with the amazing gifts shown by Stephan. He was the best gift I could have ever received for my 50th Birthday. He has an amazing way of showing you how to love and honor yourself. Namaste Stephan I am blown away!"

Client Comments
Here is their Sophia's MIRROR on-line and private session experience.

"I felt.this was accurate and very thorough. A wonderful gift. Lots.of wisdom and interesting insights. Thank you for offering this. " Tamara,
" interesting and surprising, though not really! Witnessing myself throughout these words, woven into a colorful mosaic that has caught my attention big time." Keanu,
"Judi Amber Lloyd - in the middle of this reading with Stephan, I suddenly experienced an aha! moment and suddenly understood why I had been in seclusion away from community and people. It was due to the need to heal from the loss of our beautiful rainforest retreat in Hawaii to the lava. The reading triggered the recognition of what i was doing to myself in reaction to the loss of the house and also the majestic trees that surrounded the property. it was as if the lava taking the magic of the trees had also taken my magic. that is when Stephan said to me as I was crying, `Judi, you are the magic`. I resonate with all the points on this reading, and afterwards, when I was in my car, I could see a brand new face. The pain had lifted. I was free. " Judi,
"Stephan`s reading is spot on. It is mind blowing and liberates the soul. " Jordan, United States
"Brilliant, dynamic collaboration of depthful, clarifying soul awareness! Thank you for sharing this gift Stephan! " Sheila,
"a really lovely sytnhesis of old wisdom, beautifully presented. Thank you.",
"yes right on the money ! " (posted - 16/6/2018)" Katie, Australia
"It explains a few things I wasn`t sure of, or didn`t want to accept. 😉" Gisela,
"I feel most of what is written here is right on! Very interesting for sure! The only thing missing is this reading didn`t mention my extreme skepticism but maybe it was described with different words. Now, shall I continue to wander the earth still knowing and watching yet ,questioning still as well, when will I arrive? Oh that`s right, when will " they" arrive?!" Shawna,
"Thank you for such an insightful reading, very accurate! Also, I have learned some new truths,realisations and where my next journey will take me ❤️🌈🌞" Alexandra,
"When I read it all through, I saw many similarities to my astrology birth chart, not only the Libra sign, but the complete personal, for me. I will have to read it again and again, but I was satisfyed and am still curious about what will reveal on my path :)" Jane,
"Great mirror ... Grateful to Stephan for creating and sharing this" Cheryl,
"Wow! Very informative! Enlightening! Amazingly accurate! Thank You 🙏" Marilyn,
"Very amazing!" Marilyn,
"Very accurate and enlightening. " Deborah,
"Thank you this very exciting information about myself. It helped me to understand why that school and jobs were in my life, ... wow" Erika,
"Great tool , very insightful and accurate. I especially appreciated the integrety of the material, and the sense of commitment to evolution on aspects both the individually and collectively." Diana,
"The Mirror was, for the most part, surprisingly accurate. I appreciate the work Stephan has done to offer this free tool." Eliana,
"It was a magical experience as it provided me with an abundance of information that will guide me in the rest of my life. The minute details were invariably accurate and at tune with my perception of myself. Definitely recommend for anyone seeking profound knowledge of himself." Dominique,
"I feel very fortunate to meet Stephan and have a reading with him, I feel inspire and connected with my higher self more than ever, I received confirmation of my true essence and I am so grateful for his reading! " Luisa,
"I loved how it touched on so many faucets and introduced me to knew perspectives. I`m excited to research the root chakra. Aloha" Allie,
"Accurate" Aushanti,
"I am savoring the wealth, depth and insights of your reading as the song of my soul is unfolding and aligning in sweet bliss and joy of love and acceptance. I feel at home with who I am, authentically and freely expressing my truth and my soul`s essence. The world has opened up in expansion offering a safe place to creatively express my soul. A whole new world..." Rahel, Canada
"I thought the reading was very well done." Katherine,
"Amazing, insightful and empowering reading! Love having the conscious awareness now to shine as bright as possible and have some big time Fun, bringing in the Golden Age. Love for All!" Dawn,
"Absolutly amazing, this expereince will help to guide me through my life with better understanding of who I am and what I am here to do. I am forever greatful. So enlightenting Thank you a thousand times over ... With Love Pru " Prudence,
"This reading was very enlightening, confirming and fun. Stephan shared deep wisdom with his beautiful heart energy. Very useful as it helps me recommit to my path with great joy. Thank you!!" Claudia,
"Stephan was very very thorough and helpful with his readings. He helped me in a way that no other reading has by confirming what I had always sensed about myself yet I sometimes doubted. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. " Brian,
"My experience with stephan and his reading was a delightful journey down a very deeply familiar road of my soul`s path. I resonated with so much of what was shared and it was a refreshing affirmation, exactly as Stephan had earlier explained, and an appreciation of the perfection of my choice of vehicle that my soul chose to do its work in this incarnation. I felt deep, deep gratitude for all of the perfection that was revealed!" Prem,
"Wow" (posted - 12/5/2017)" Sheila,
"Wow" Sheila,
"The time with Stephan creates an environment and space where I am able to connect with my soul on a deeper level and realize how it feels like to live my fullest potential. It feels very good and makes me happy." Cornelia,
"This was a fun and informative overview of various divination practices including astrology, numerology, rhunes, and other methodologies. " Pash,
"Was quite interesting and enjoyable, I have done a lot of readings this seems to combine them all. " Karen,
"RESONATING with every part of this reading...Mahalo Nui" Cynthia,
"This is a journey into the fifth dimension where universe conspires to give you what you came for. I felt ultimately seen by this mirrored set of reflections of those precise things that give me joy. So audacity always audacity as the cavalry goes and i know how to play my bugle." Jim,
"After going through this reading and speaking in person with Stephan, I can say honestly, this is key to understanding and creating an enlightened, happier and easier existence for myself.I am honored and blessed to have had this reading shared with me and hope millions of others also may have this opportunity." Barb,
"On the mark! So nice to have all the systems integrated into one, for a really insightful reading. I feel understood and acknowledged after the reading." Amanda,
"Interesting information from a combination of cultures beautifully displayed." Nancy,
"I loved the multiple levels in this reading and felt that it really touched a deep part of me. I have been feeling sad lately and this has helped me to relax a bit and allow myself to be who I truly am. Thank you Stephan" Christine,
"This is an amazing and accurate reading ...a gift from the Universe, at the perfect time. It has given me clarity in a couple of areas in my life and a tool that I can use to help me move forward in the next chapter of my life!" Jan,
"After reading and reflecting on this soul reading, I find it quite accurate and useful. I will keep it on permanent file for reference on the rare days that I allow confusion to rule. This reading resonated with me and seems accurate. Thank you for your endeavors to shed light on the soul`s journey. Blessings and Aloha, Jann Miller" Jann,
"I am not sure what to do with it. I know myself and powers even without this, but utilizing them for the greatest good for all is where I am not of certainty. I desire clarity with using my gifts and desire that guidance. " Autumn, United States
"An Enlightening Experience - Life changing" John,
"Very powerful confirmation of who I feel I AM. Great reading and useful tool for self growth." Julie,
" ",
"It feels pretty good!" (posted - 1/6/2016)" Megan,
"" , Irena Gulic
"Many ahhh haaaaa moments of clarity and shazammmmmm of precision! " Eirena,
"Amazingly accurate and informative....thank you are a doll for doing this! :) I have figured out a few things but not all yet as you well know. But on my way thanks to you! " Alice, United States
"Stephan's reading was very accurate. I often tend to overlook my strengths, and the reading shifted my point of concentration to what I'm naturally good at. This happens to be the same thing that makes my heart “sing”. ;) This application helped me to accept my uniqueness, connect with my deep desires and remove confusion. Stephan is super loving, gentle and empowering in the way he gives private sessions. He helps to see beauty in your own unique “design”. I love everything about this app! Thank you, Stephan <3" Ksenia,
"What a Fabulous tool for self discovery!!!! This confirmed all of my research about myself and all of my intuitive "knowings" It is lovely to see factual data matches the divine knowing <3 I can`t wait to share this Great Tool with everyone I know! Especially the ones who really don`t know themselves at all!!!! Infinite Blessings and Thanks ~ Jessie Caia " Cailin,
"I found Stephan`s reading to be insightful and inspirational. It incorporates knowledge from many philosophies. I am excited to apply these concepts to my life. " Susan,
"Fascinating, interesting, and enlightening. A mountain of information the think on... analysis, and grow." Karen,
"Wonderful LOVE it thank you for the reminder! " Ingrid,
"Stephan, Thank You so much for this AMAZING program, my reading was spot on. I am impressed with the way you incorporated so many different genres and reading styles for a well rounded reading that everyone can identify with. This reading has the answers to the hardest questions...Who Am I ? And What is my life purpose?" Stephanie,
"What a wonderfully insightful tool Stephan has put together! I loved the opportunity to read a summary of so many ancient interpretations of my soul essence, and all in one place. Stephan , you and your program are such a gift to this "world")..... thank you, Lesllie of the World House 💖" Lesllie,
"Stephan`s MIRROR has transformed my heart from many years of focusing on seeing the duality of good and evil, to seeing everything at an authentic Soul level. This has brought beautiful people and synchronicity and grace to my life." Stephan,
"Stephans work is designed to elevate and strengthen our awareness of what we came here to do and clearly define how our operating system works, so we can be as effective in the world as possible. He is an avatar in real time with advanced knowledge put into a divinely inspired system with hidden codes to help us dust ourselves off and get back in the saddle." Anjika,
"Wow! What a powerful reading and amazing system! My Soul feels seen, heard and touched! Any doubt I had about my vocation and how I move in the world feels released, leaving me with a sense of confidence and more self love towards my unique expression . I am also grateful for the awareness tools that have been given that will continue to support my Soul sing it's song. ~*~ " Lynda,
"Hello and blessings Stephan my reading was correct in all aspects .. thank you for sharing your Light. Always surrounding you in Love while surfing the waves of the Light " Tiffany,
"BEAUTIFUL!!!" Pavlovic,
"This reading was completely in tune with me personally,it is me! Very excited to share Me with the world!" Julie,
"This is pretty cool. Made me realize some things I am trying to figure out...opened my mind to different perceptions" Ana,
"It was spot on! It gave me a greater understanding as to why I am the way I am and what I came here to be and to bring to the world." Rita,
"Stephan , This was dead on as it described me and some of my character flaws and traits ( have you been watching me?) Kidding aside , this is absolutely amazing, and has given much focus and a shove in the right direction, Thank you Brother. With Infinite Love, Shell " Tera,
"I went forward, already knowing some anchors of truth about myself, and was curious to see if this process would reflect what I knew. (If it didn't zig and zag from here to there, and hit a dozen different points, making it seem I might be half crazy, then it wasn't accurate! Ha!) But, it did. I know that in life, my childhood (my "sense of myself at birth") was marred by neglect and criticism, and I was able to see here - had I had a more secure foundation - who I might have been. I was able to see the child I should have been, and the foundation from which I should have grown. I got here anyway (hard work!) and the rest of the results are deeply accurate, even the ones that make me cringe a little! (Opinionated? Dramatic? Yet a harmonizer! Always on the move, desiring healthy conflict, and intense creativity, yet valuing and craving family life? Maybe I'm not crazy - maybe I'm just ME.) With the gamut of traits that I possess and reflect, I'm grateful for the synthesis and the nudge to focus on just a few things. That is very helpful. For that, especially, I'm grateful. " Jennifer, United States
"I found Stephan's reading to bring more clarity and focus onto who I really am. It was so accurate and I loved how so many modalities are weaves into the reading. His interpretation really hit home! Thank you!" Ceci, United States
"Wow! Initially I didn't use my middle name because I didn't know I was supposed to and the reading seemed pretty accurate, but didn't floor me. But when I redid it correctly, the chills ran up & down my spine. Definitely gives me some food for thought, and makes me want to delve even deeper. Thank you!" Alice, United States
"I read it all, am integrating all the information into my day and my life and will carry it with me throughout the new year. Thank you, Stephan, for opening my heart to new and beautiful interpretations. Susan" Susan, United States
"Very accurate as it brings many types of readings together. This lends itself to a more complete reading. I was a bit surprised at my main energy center being the throat but upon talking with Stephan, have seen the truth of it. Thank you ♥" Kathy, United States
"amazing insights and affirmation! feels true to my soul and heart desires. info here is high of value. thank you!" Kelly, United States
"Stephan was very knowlegeable and articulate. Lots of food for thought!" Lori, United States
"This was brilliant!! I understood much more how the gifts my soul has chosen has beautifully guided my well being in all aspects of my life! Stephan, I'm so grateful you have put together this program. It is indeed a gift to the world!!" Patricia, United States
"Wow!!! Just wow! That was AMAZING! Thank you so much Stephan for sharing your beautiful creation and gift with me and helping me to REMEMBER who I am! And what I came here to do! This all feels so right, and with this remembrance, I will continue to THRIVE through my HEART center and sing my song. May your blessings be ten fold and your heart always be in joy. Much love Stephen💗" Rosalyn, United States
"Very insightful. right on the mark with many aspects. Great confirmation of who I am and how I am living my mission and passion. Thank you for bringing through this gift to the world and living in your sweet spot. this is a deep, thorough, yet concise tool for the betterment of humanity and actualization." Sharon, United States
"awesome!!!!!!" Donna, United States
"I loved experiencing my soul map. It really gave me a different perspective to contemplate about my journey here in this world. I think you will also love this new approach to help you understand your soul purpose. Thanks Stephane" Jeff, United States
"I felt almost a sense of falling...falling all the way down to the truth of what was embedded in my being, as if my own native knowledge were being brought back to life--by the synthesis of insight, images, & systems from several sources of ancient wisdom. In this gestalt, it was clear that the combined insights provided precision and depth--which I intuitively felt as a "quickening". No doubt here that "the sum of the 'parts' (or aspects) equalled greater than the whole." It felt like the ring of truth was moving me right into my "native template" or my "soul's chord", which hadn't been struck as fully in decades. If ever. I knew that in one session I'd come back to the central strong flow of my "true river" ...of expression, of purpose. A native, inherent power emerged & was sustained--which continues (long afterwards) to carry me along further into its potently energized center. A "soul mirror" this is indeed--one's "bearings" & vital force are activated, it seems, by the strong resonance to my soul's latent inner Knowing (which, for me, had become quite obscured, and never as clearly revealed by one lens alone). If you've ever brought a pair of binoculars into focus, there's that spot where you just KNOW the maximum clarity has been reached. You need not wonder, doubt, or go further. This was my feeling throughout, though it grew. It seems to me that this uniquely multifaceted approach Stephan developed is so effective and expedient (thus also affordable!) because it can & does hit Home. Not a series of "treatments" or "fixes"...more like a STRONG stimulus for one's innate truthp & purpose/expression to come forth like a bell that was hit just right. I found that the effects do not "wear off", like so many methods proliferating in this so-called 'new' age. I am forever grateful to have the Grace to encounter this true work, clearly a labor of love. The time had definitely arrived for me to encounter a real, lasting, confirmation & shift! Stephan himself embodies a natural, authentic "love presence"-- I felt immediate trust." Trula, United States
"I am so excited to delve into the adventure of my life. there is so much to experience and learn. Thank you Stephan" Debbie, United States
"Amazing confirmation to things I have known and felt, but not acted on for not knowing how to achieve them or get there. I am very excited to implement the new knowledge and tools I have gained through this process into my further journeys in this life. Thank you Stephan!!!" Marji, United States
"Extraordinary! I can now so easily see why certain times of my life have not worked and other times have been delightfully in synchronicity and flow... I now know what to do to anchor into the flow, and it is is simple. Thank you, Stephan, for the loving, insightful simplicity of this healing work that helps me stay in true alignment with my soul. I am excited about sharing this work with the world! Imagine a world where everyone can embrace the true gifts of who they are and live from their truth while embracing and allowing others theirs... " Jami, United States
"excellent, very insightful, will help make life easier." Andrea, United States
"It was a very interesting process and has given me much to ponder as I move forward through my awareness to understand and embrace my unique self. " Rani, United States
"most enlightening and much better than an astrology reading, give in-depth understanding of what drive you... spiritually and physically. I highly recommend Stephan 's MIRROR to anyone who is sincerely interested in looking at the big picture." Christine, United States
"The reading was helpful in reinforcing areas of my essences and providing new helpful information. " Carol, United States
"This is an. awesome eperience... very confirming . I can relate to all of it, I believe it gives me some real solid tools to open up the ways I can view circumstances in the future." Diana, United States
"a beautiful,powerful ,confirming and deeply intelligent useful and brilliant system of self love and discovery" Rhianne, United States
"Stephan is brilliant! Never have I experienced such a deep, beautiful, all encompassing reading with such eloquence of speach and insight piercing straight to my core. Highly recommend. Solid tools to take forth and be your brilliance! Over the top!" Nathalie, United States
"So absolutely wonderful to have my reading done by Stephan! A must for anyone on a spiritual path and wanting to contribute their unique gifts to ALL that exists. Thank you, Stephan, for showing up fully and embracing your divine essence so that others can be reminded and show up as well. " Deborah, United States
"very accurate and reassuring reading that resonated with my soul deeply. I have a lot to digest but I know I am on the right path." Yvonne, United States
"I was surprised to see how the profile at Hedy equal toes and strugles i havehadi y life. amazing!!!!" Cal, United States
"I would like to acknowledge the incredible accuracy of my reading. It came with perfect delivery and timing. A true confirmation of what I have learned and accepted about myself and my life. Such detail of accuracy allowed me to seemlessly accept not only the information but has definitly "driven home" my own self truths. I wonderful grounding experience! Thank you Thank you Thank you" Todd, United States
"it was right on with what I understand of myself.I am grateful you were able to take the time to meet." Janice, United States
"simple ways to understand myself from a place of greater clarity. I felt like an eagle soaring with a grand perspective of seeing my true nature in ways that I have not observed before. I am grateful for this vantage and will use it to cultivate greater freedom and service." Oman, United States
"Brilliant ! You are opening the doors for humanity to know themselves!" Barbie, United States
"This resonates as definitely illumination of my unfolding . thx, Stephan...I'm looking forward to more fully & more consistently...connecting with,expressing & living into & from my Divine Soul Essence." Susan, United States
"This resonates as definitely illumination of my unfolding . thx, Stephan...I'm looking forward to more fully & more consistently...connecting with,expressing & living into & from my Divine Soul Essence." Susan, United States
"everything is accurate and spot on. I have had many readings and the difference with this reading is the personal attention given to each area. I highly recommend this service for all who are ready to understand more about themself. Joshua from" Joshua, United States
"I loved the entire reading very very heart based. " Lisa, United States
"Perceptive, intuitive, expressed with clarity. Received with great gratitude and clarity. Thank you. (efharisto... Greek for thank you "eucharism")" Demetri, United States
"Extremely accurate and very interesting. " Lynn, United States
"This reading certainly describes Phyllis' traits.Esmeralda" Phyllis, United States
"This reading helped me to better understand my purpose for being on earth at this time and the gifts my soul and experiences gave me to succeed. I now have a tool to use to express myself to the fullest for the world." Carlene, United States
"" embracing., Nicole R Stern
"empowering, affirming, validating of my high priestess self. " Neshamah, United States
"this is right on. so impressed. you have developed a gift that is sure to help wake up humanity. bless you." Phyllis, United States
"This reading was very impressive in its accuracy and was shown to me by a divine synchronicity of events, which was so exciting. Stephan demonstrated a lot of passion in the information he shared and compassion for me in different aspects of the reading." Ariella, United States
"I AM so impressed...everything that I already" kind " of new..Stephan hit with his reading. Thank you so much..I hope that more people will feel more confident about who they are after receiving a reading..I know I am!" Isa, United States
"wow!! This view of myself is new and yet ancient. It validates many impressions I have had of myself and shows me new aspects and combinations that helps put all the pieces together so beautifully. I love the focus of my essence that I am still working to embrace. It definitely feels right and true, and opens up my ability to love all of who I am. Thank you, Stephan, for this gift of seeing ME!!!Cecily MacArthur, Dream Life Coach" Cecily, United States
"most excellent in REmembering. thank you Stephen for the magic of YOU. it is not just what you share but how you share YOUR essence! in deep gratitude. " Cassie, United States
"I totally enjoyed and got much out of Stephan's reading. Thank you Stephan!" Bob, United States
"great reading, inspiring and healing , blessings on sharing this gift with the world , WHITE RAVEN" White, United States
"i found this fairly accurate and can't wait to see what else comes to light and how it unfolds" Logan, United States
"Wonderful! Putting so many different ancient perspectives together, gave me a whole new way to view my soul." Celeste, United States
"Stephan gave me an excellent reading that expanded my awareness, confirmed what I thought was true about myself and helped me see more of my value making it easy to come home to more self love." Dede, United States
"this is gonna be Great! I'm going to need time to breathe all of this information into my Being. stephan is amazing, analytical, and accurate. " Denise, United States
"I found the experience profoundly enervating and enriching. Stephan provided insights and observations that illuminated aspects of my personality that I've long hoped to understand but which were never presented and synergized with such a wide range of different traditions. His keen observation and ability to thread together different perspectives reveals a mastery and comprehension that is most impressive and worthwhile.USA" Geo, United States
"I am playing wa.y too small. love the soul gate and stephan,s ability to bring so many jEwels and concepts together. much gratitude." Indigo, United States
"Captures me and my sense of my self and my life so age 67. shows me how to PLAY with my life more completely for greater benefit to myself and others." Karleena, United States
"This reading by Stephan has truly helpe9rd me understand and appreciate myself and my gifts. His work is a gift to the Universe.Thank you Stephan! Bunny" Maggie, United States
"A fascinating perspective into one's existence. I am already feeling the empowerment from such a clear view into my mirror, my life and purpose. I can hardly wait to be with myself in new ways that celebrate my being! I have the "permission" to live even more full out and I anticipate delicious results! thank you Stephan, for answering your calling and bringing this beautiful soul poem system to life. I am blessed." Tessa, United States
"Much of the information presented seemed accurate. Other parts of it didn't seem to fit." Eddie, United States
"Very lovingly delivered. Great confirmation of my energetic patterns. Very inspiring synthesis of my spiritual qualities. Thank you Stephan." Colleen, United States
"LOving and full! Coherent... Clear...Peaceful. A new intimacy yet again with Self-Source-All That Is!" Gabriella, United States
"so validating....gave me so much clarity and encouragement. thank you!" Kaayla, United States
"Excellent integration of multiple disciplines which opens new understanding of my life purpose ad how to remain true to my essence." Ariann, United States
"thank you for helping me know me myself in a better, in divine light!" John, United States
"Dear Stephan! Thank you for your time and very important information for Andrew and me. I" Halyna, United States
"confirming, knowing ,affirming, a happy affirmation of my path as I am experiencing it. thank you,nice to be here and feel the joy." Ditoh, United States
"fantastic,and very right on. this will be a great tool for me to explore and bond with my true essence.. thanks stephan!" Jennifer, United States
"" One of the most creative web designs that I have seen. Good job!, Suzanne Heath
"Fun and informative- not sure if I agreed on the last part- Maybe because I am on the cusp- the last day " Suzi, United States
"Thank-you for a very thought provoking reading, where I've felt, inwardly, many of these aspects of my true Self, but couldn't put them into words as distinctly as this has revealed. YES, my soul purpose IS VERY unique. I appreciate this insight to help my spiritual path unfold gracefully in divine right order." Carol, United States
"validating, true in many ways. Being told I am very true to myself lately. One or two new parts that contributed." Reiki, United States
"Wow! This was very helpful." Nu, United States
"This reading gave me a beautiful interpretation of myself revealing some areas of life that I can now look at to move forward with integrity and strength to be me. Blessings." Mark, United States
"The reading came to me with synchronicity, with out this, I may have further questioned my path more than would have been necessary. I know clearly now that I am where I need to be in this moment of infinity in space. Thank you Stephan!" Natasha, United States
"Very Powerful, so Insightful, such a Gift. Thank you! ~Namaste" Tyler, United States
"this reading truly illuminates ones divine purpose & takes you on a journey of new discovery & total soul recognition! recommended to anyone who would wish to align with their highest calling and might like to inquire on some ancient tools of wisdom for the know-how." Nicoal, United States
"I am an intense atheist and cynic. I do not believe in higher powers, spirituality or anything of the sort. That being said: I am extremely creeped out by how accurate this reading was. I am such a person that, when I read back over this alone, I feel that, had I not known or spoken to Stephan in person, that I may have chalked it up to a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but Stephan put everything in an easy to swallow perspective, and required no submission if reasoning or logic to comprehend the lesson. He is great at understanding these charts and helping you to do so also. I, strongly, suggest speaking with him in person, if possible. It requires no faith, and is not supernatural, but a wonderful and fresh perspective of ancient cultures, mathematics and self examination. If nothing else, it makes you think, and reminds you almost constantly to analyze yourself and your actions, and to constantly strive to be truer to yourself. I dig it. " Keaton, United States
"I love being validated for all my supposed abnormalities and strengths.....what a lovely gift to receive to gain more clarity about myself and the many gifts and challenges I have been given." Linda, United States
"very informative and encouraging ," Ronda, United States
"It hits the bull's eye! Thanks Stephan, you are a great shaman." Rostyslav, Ukraine
"I was fortunate enough to receive this soul alchemy reading from Stephan himself and am grateful for this gift. I find the information and insight to be accurate and for me serves as a reminder of who I am as a complete person, mind, body, & soul. The wisdom I take from this will allow me to stay in my perfect vibration during times I fall out alignment. Thank You" Los, United States
"When I observe myself from this it is positively fascinating. I find your mind to be a treasure for many to find joy within :) " Jordan, United States
" Ashley Paige: WOW! Tears to my eyes as my heart space over-flows with profound gratitude for what our divine broSTAR Stephan has made so easily understanding and available in regard to this beautiful system in comprehending our true selfs on such an intimate level! This information resonated to the core of my being, it always helps when you have those extra confirmations! Thank you my divine brother for being who YOU are & choosing to incarnate as you have, YOU are a blessing to this world & very bright light I am honored to play with in this rainbow play ground of a world _/\_ I HIGHLY encourage those who are seeking to gain deeper insight as to what this brotha has goin on! Its such a gifted tool for the tool box of life!" Ashley, United States
"amazing articulation. never have I seen or experienced a more comprehensive reading. very thurough." Christopher, United States
"truly enlightening, I'm an international psychic and truly impressed with the accuracy of my mirror. " Ashley, United States
"Debra Smith, Dating, Intimacy, & Sensuality Advisor, I feel relieved to know that my soul's purpose is who I've been BEing but know now that I've not been in my full power. After the reading with Stephan I feel so much more empowered to play full out and be my yummy, happy, enchanting and connecting SELF. Thank you! " Debra, United States
"very revealing and spot-on to the moment of clarity in which i needed to hear certain things. questions were answered lovingly, and syncronistically many worries were solved with uplifting information that inspired! thanks a bunch stephan!" Brian, United States
"As a professional psychic I am blown away with the amazing gifts shown by Stephan. He was the best gift I could have ever received for my 50th Birthday. He has an amazing way of showing you how to love and honor yourself. Namaste Stephan I am blown away!" Cyndi, United States
"This was an amazing experience and I am so thankful I took this journey. It really helped me through a difficult transition to see my core and be my authentic self. " Karen, United States
"many truths were confirmed and so a deepening of my conscious understanding of Who I Occurred On top of this connection was made with my brother. A treasured experience thanks. " Ahcrela, Australia
"I got a lot of stuff out of it and I'm not sure of all of what it is but I'm really aware of how I've shut so much of this down, especially my creativity and communication and loving relationships, and being a traailblazing innovator. These are all really important to me, and now I see the need to access these ongoingly. Thank you Stephan very much." Margot, United States
"Very interesting and accurate. Stephans Mirror is a useful tool. Cheryl Sindell, M.A.," Cheryl, United States
"The reading I have to say really touched in in a big way as it gave me a full circle of the life I have been living a the life I dream of living. It has given me a new place to start to live these dreams that I have been surpressing and feeling guilty about. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. " Tony, United States
"Really great in helping me reach greater depths of understanding about self. Linda" Linda, United States
"this is the pot of gold to understanding who you are, what you came here to do, giving you the ultiMate insight for your liFe. Every person on this planet needs this information starting at birth!! THank you for this amAzing gift!" Barbara, United States
"wonderful! :)" Matthew, United States
"Mostly quite right on the mark! It is no surprise as Stephan is adept at so many disciplines. I wish him success in assisting seekers to find their soul purpose." Miles, United States
"thorough ." Mark, United States
"confirm thoughts I was already having." Linda, United States
"awesome!!! Waiting for the book... " Michele, Canada
"I loved this very unique reading. Stephan's explanation was clear and simple...yet very uplifting and delightful! If you want all the goodies in one place, you must try this reading. " Kelly, United States
"My reading with Stephan was not only a beautiful affirmation of who I feel myself to be at a soul level, it was also a playful invitation to embrace all of my essence as the perfect expression of who I chose to be here on planet Earth." Annie, United States
"this experience was very enlightening and made me feel very confident about myself and anyone who reads this will also feel god and confident about themselves, today and their life." Katie, United States
"this interpretation of my soul essence has opened my eyes to my true purpose and helped me find my center. As I sit in quiet contemplation I sense the shift in myself and my connection and the world is now my oyster. I am stuck no more and more forward with gusto and conviction to make the difference in shaping others ithis new paradigm." Leeza, United States
"I thought I knew myself really well, and I do/did... and Stephan managed to find those tiny places where I wasn't honoring myself that wormed their way in magnified themselves to ridiculous degrees of delusory wrongness! in other words, I am my perfect self, once again, and like never before!" Jilly, United States
"stephan, intriguing, thoughtful,insightful....lots to ponder...should help with bringing myself into my own. thank you!" Megan, United States
"this reading was very enlightening and accurate. helps you to understand your essence ! I would recommend it!" Karen, United States
"this reading was very enlightening and accurate. helps you to understand your essence ! I would recommend it!" Karen, United States
"Beautiful, precise,useful,enlightening,encouraging,great gift,deeply wise.thank you, I will put it to good use and share it's potential with others, so that they may come to understand and love themselves better through your work." Ambaya, United States
"Thank you very much Stephan for a thoroughly insightful and delightful reading that I will always treasure. A pleasure to read." Bobbi, Canada
"it was fun, light an accurate - thank you!" Darshan, United States
"great tool which offers potential for growth and deeper understanding of one's personality and Divine essence, a one stop shop, so to speak. thank you for this great contribution to the human evolution :)" Isabella, United States
"Stephan's work has greatly helped me to understand myself and my soul purpose. I recommend his work to everyone who seeks divine guidance and soul evolution. Maggie Navarre " Maggie, United States
"Thank you Stephan for this beautiful gift- I found it to be very accurate and inspiring and a good guide to help me love myself now while I am on my journey of becoming the woman I am capable of being :)" Sheila, United States
"the reading was point on. described me as I am and how I should continue to be. great information!" Karen, United States
"Exactly who I am!!! Thank you!!!" Milla, United States
"awesome very insightful well done " Liam, Canada
"I am struck by how accurately positive this reading is in terms of recognizing and honoring who I am. And I deeply appreciate the thoroughness with which Stephan helped me understand the entire reading. Many, many thanks! This will definitely enhance my life and how I live it... I will be curious how!" Dancingheart, United States
"Very interesting, everything I learned about myself felt right. I feel like I can now focus on what's important to me and be a more efficient human." Danielle, United States
"you have reminded us all...what the essence is and why it is important to align ourselves with it. Brilliant Blessings!" Denise, Canada
"Extremely accurate, very inspiring" Chris, United States
"" this gets you to You., Cody Macdonald Worthington
"highly informative, deeply revealing, completely empowering. " Cody, United States
"Amazing! This mirror journey helped me to embrace the path that I am on. It gives me courage and confidence to carry on and make a difference. Melissa Arnold" Melissa, United States
"It is truly a gift to hold up the mirror and allow one to see the beauteous reflection of their Soul, Thank You. It allowed me to reflect on my purpose and journey in the light of awareness and come to a place of surrender and acceptance of who I am. " Jewels, United States
"right on. thank you for the reading. " Tina, United States
"it's unreal how perfect it is! And much more it just makes sense!!! There wasn't a single point that didn't fit. It brought out a deeper self purpose and understanding. I can move on now from a place of understand." Dan, United States
"Stephan's reading was quite astonishing and on target and I found myself resonating with the information. Stephan is caring and engaging and deeply committed to helping people find their soul purpose. I highly recommend having a private session with him. Robin" Robin, United States
"It was a wonderful review of my initial reading with Stephan. It is so amazingly accurate it is as if I wrote it myself. I acknowledge and accept all the truth contained herein with Joy!" Janette, United States
"Amazing!" Shawna, United States
"Stephan's MIRROR is a BEAUTIFUL source of support, confirming the true life forces I have with in. The reading came at a perfect time and is giving me real tools to claim new parts of myself. I will use my Mayan energy name as a real source of power. Thank you! " Mary, United States
"Stephan's Mirror is an invaluable tool for understanding the self and returning to the truth of who you are. It is easy to imagine a much more harmonious world, if only we were all given access to this information. It is like a user's manual for your life." Nicole, United States
"This experience has been truly a gifted one as it showcased the guidelines of my own personal spiritual path to assist me in my daily life, providing me the consciousness of mental and behavioral traits that are solely mine. With this awareness of self centering, I am optimistic that I can keep my life in a positive balance from this point forth." Sxippy, United States
"very insightful and intuitive. it confirms my intuitive knowing about my purpose here. it will allow me to step more fully into the world and my own destiny. " Tracee, United States
"Amazing reading. Thank you for creating this. Neciah from Newport, Oregon." Neciah, United States
"Stephan's Mirror is an ingenious mining of all the gems and gold nuggets available from a multitude of the great spiritual practices of the world. For me, it has been a wonderful way to better know who I am and feel comfortable being that person and to truly shine!" Michael, United States
"I was very impressed with the qualities that came up in my reading. brought more clarity and understanding. Stephen has such a loving way of helping see the greatest of yourself and bringing clarity into your life purpose. To help fit the puzzle together of your divine qualities." Mica, United States
"This was easy reading and fun to see my inner self. The pictures made it calming to my soul so I can easily view inside of me. Thanks for your wonderful work and what you bring to this Universe." Jessica, United States
"I came across this synchronistically and found it quite amazing and spot-on. " Jennifer, United States
"" Paulette Mastracco, PhD Clinical Psychology, Paulette Peggy Mastracco
"Thank you Stephan for this encapsulated insight into the core elements of my soul reflection. Knowing these insights to be accurate, I feel you have created a wonderful tool to assist others into a more intimate reflection of their personal journey. I will be recommending your program to others. " Paulette, United States
" truly amazing... very looking in mirror..." Chezaray, United States
"I really enjoyed my reading." Sandy, United States
"my goodness! I walked in open to hear, was not expecting to have the "nail hit on the head" it is very freeing to know that my "quirks" are my natural gifts, not to be tampered or revised but to be embraced! so ready to love who I am." Gwenn, United States
"fantastically, magically ME! ... Top Drawer Reading Stephen...." Beth, United States
"This was a very positive and enlightening experience. The information was accurate and I will do my best to embrace all of the qualities I have been given as a gift." Jackie, United States
"After reviewing Stephens reading for me, it was amazing how it described me to a "T". It's very enlighten and I will re-read through out my life and share my reading with my family and friends. " Kellie, United States
"I am amazed by the accuracy and depth of the profile of my soul essence that Stephan's Mirror reflected to me. While I have a good life and a positive perspective, too often there are limited and negative thoughts that cloud my purpose and passion. The initial impact of looking in This Mirror is to be clearer, more positive and indeed inspired to know who I am (a brilliant dreamer) what my potential is in this life (make a difference, be a leader and transform the world), and how to go about this (expressing my creativity and following my heart wisdom). my priority is to expand my self love; this mirror process provides stimulating and vivid feedback that I am making progress in loving my self as the essential driver in influencing the world to be a more beautiful place for all. Thank you, Stephan, for enriching my life and affirming my perfection and enlightenment." Larry, United States
"After my private session with EOS Yolanda, I now understand my true soul. Your reading is right on target. I am so blessed to finally understand my true purpose in life, and thanks to you I now know how to achieve my purpose. Thank you." Jojo, United States
"Very insightful and may even give you the piece of the puzzle you have been missing!" Becky, United States
"WOW! Amazing!! As I told Stephan, the name he chose could not be more perfect or indicative of what this session provided me.....a "Mirror" to my soul. It is astounding how spot on this is & Stephan is an angel brought into the world to share this gift! Try it!" Kelly, United States
"stephan is absolutely amazing! this reading is the most accurate reading I have ever had. many blessings, love and light. " Angie, United States
"you were very informative thank you for your wisdom kindness and love" Ryan, United States
"This session has awakened and really brought everything together for me. once and for all I am remembering that I am perfect and blissful when I am shining and living my truths. the light bulb did come on for me. I am now slowing down for no one,,," Joe, United States
"this reading has opened the essence of who I am but have suppressed. understanding my soul core has opened my desire to express myself." Cherie, United States
"stephan was thorough and correct. His program a is amazingly accurate! So cool and fun and enlightening! i totally recommend this! thank you! " Miriam, United States
"I had no idea what to expect when starting this reading, but everything that was revealed was incredibly spot on and helpful in discovering and confirming the person I truly am, and the person I have the potential to become." Summer, United States
"Wow, thank you for sharing the beauty of me with me. I guess we all need a good look into the mirror of our souls. I feel like I am on the right track and your encouragement is so kind and beautiful.Blessings to you and your work.Namaste, Rene" Rene, United States
"I hiave a renewed sense of myself as the being I came into this life to express. I am filled with a love for Stephan and this wondrous program he has created. Thank you. " Bea, United States
"I was amazed at how accurate the reading was; while I have thanks to my work as an author and radio show host had the opportunity in the past to explore some of my own inner workings I have not, until today come across such an accurate and diverse reading. Impressed…" Niki, Canada
"this was a very revealing and validating experience. Finding your purpose in life allows you the best possible opportunity to have a beautiful and rewarding journey." Larry, United States
"Very cool!...I could rally hear the truth of who I am!" Carmela, United States
"I found the reading very interesting. it really made me think about who I am and what I'm doing in my life. stephan really believes in what he is doing, and tries to help others with his invention." James, United States
"The reading with Stephan was very comprehensive. It really laid out a practical way to look at my life and purpose, while bringing an opening of awareness to all of which I am truly capable, and a way to approach it. Thank you, Stephan! Such a pleasure!" Natalie, United States
"wonderful experienc" Crystal, United States
"Enlightening and on point. Its nice to have confirmation on the journey that your soul has in store for you." Susan, United States
"wonderful experienc" Crystal, United States
"I have known FPV for whom this reading was done for several years and we are very close. I found this reading to both accurate in the wide spectrum as well as capturing some of the nuances that are his defining characteristics. It makes the invitation to look honestly at where there may be personal or soul purpose challenges more compelling and puts past struggles into perspective, making the whole sense of ones journey more inspired. I look forward to getting my own reading. CBS" Francis, United States
"Thank you for the reading it was very accurate and enlightening. I will continue to embrace my soul" Tamica, United States
"I was very impressed with all the information that was shown to me, thanks for everything!" Stacy, United States
"There was a reasurance of some of what I already know yet taking it to another level of inner awareness bringing up a confidence to continue." Cherly, United States
"This was a very impressive reading, very thorough, well thought of. It beautifully puts together ancient wisdom about the human soul from many different traditions into a very concise, practical and accessible system. And It feels so good. I felt myself merge back into my Self, Seeing what matters and and allowing what is outside of my Soul's purpose to drift away. It is a great guiding system to bring into conscious awareness every day of your life. " Helena, United States
"This was a beautiful experience and reading... and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Stephan for doing such an incredible job! I appreciated his insights and the information resonated with me deeply. Thank you Stephan and may you reach many with your powerful spiritual reading.s!" Sharleen, United States
"Stephan's Mirror was not only accurate but it helped me to see myself in a new light. The amalgamation of various schools of thought has combined to create a thorough outlook on oneself. I am grateful for this opportunity to look deeper at my self and from here i feel grounded and more centred in self knowing Thank you Stephan " Jasmin, Canada
"I am amazed at how precise this reading is. Has confirmed so much, and yet opened my eyes and heart equally. I am very grateful for this reading and shall refer to it often. What a great insight and enlightenment tool. Namaste " Kelly, United States
"I Gained a clear understanding of who I am as a soul being, what I bring to the world and where I need healing" Sheryl, United States
"My reading of my souls essence with Stephan was a beautiful experience. The reading highlighted who I feel I am supposed to be in this world. I also learned how I can balance my souls essence to achieve a lifetime of happiness. Thank you Stephan, this experience came into my life at the perfect time to achieve my next fulling steps in my human existence. " Ashley, United States
"soul gate was very accurate and interesting reminder of my self. enjoyed being reminded that poetry would help bring me more in balance with my desire in life. also great learning how others perceive me as spiritual..." Breanna, United States
"Have investigated most of the numerology, Tarot and Mayan et al symbology in the past-happy to see it all woven seamlessly and upliftingly together here by Stephan." Kathleen, United States
"this program was so uncanilly accurate it was almost hard to believe how well it described me." Lynn, United States
" I was amazed by the beautiful and unique way that my profile/soul essence was revealed. I found myself nodding in agreement and recognition of the various aspects and traits presented. A couple I'm still processing since they caused me to pause and to reflect upon their message. Beautiful and affirming. Thank you, Stephan!" Carol, United States
"Stephan's system is an elegant synthesis." Richard, United States
"wow. this is a wonderful tool for affirming myself. I came to encounter this at the perfect moment, when I have been feeling out of balance and under my own weight. I now have the vision to see that I am in fact right at the right place within my soul. I have within me all that I need. thank you for this mirror. may all humans see the mirror of their souls and shine their light forth in truth and confidence. this will bring great healing and enjoyment to our planet. in love, Nicky" Nicole, United States
"I am very impressed with my reading. It was like reading a mirror of myself. It serves as a great awakener as to why we are here. I highly recommend Stephan's Mirror to everyone who wants to know who they are and why they are here on Earth at this time. Gently Blessings, Lanna" Lanna, United States
"this was absolutely this best reading I have ever had! thorough, thoughtful and very impressive..I came here to remember who I am and why I am here. Thank you Stephan!" Janet, United States
"Deeply informative... a multidimensional reflection illuminating hidden & not so hidden aspects of my self. A beautiful gift...thank you!" Julie, United States
"I found Stephan's Mirror to be accurate and beautifully presented. It will be a pleasure to review it regularly, as a guide to reach my life's full potential. Judith" Judith, United States
"I was amazed at how accurate this is" Moon, United Kingdom
"This has brought to me a lot of already "well known" pieces of a puzzle or beads together to help me see a beautiful picture of my life puzzle, and weave. " Wolfie, Sweden
"I found my reading with Stephan's Mirror to be very enlightening and different from other readings I have recieved. Looking within is always a good thing..." Ani, United States
"This reading was the most thorough & insightful I have ever experienced. Stephan has designed an absolutely brilliant system that is destined to truly help individual's to achieve their highest destiny. May this gift to humanity reach millions!" Turiya, United States
"This has been very enlightening and has affirmed so much of what I have felt and experienced but not put into words. Thank you!" Rick, United States
"What a blast! Never have I had so much unique information specifically designed for me in one location. Lots of quirks to play with here! Thanks a bunch." Darren, United States
"wow! what an amazing tool stephan has created! I have no idea how a computer program was able to get all that out of my name and birthday, but it was profoundly accurate. thank you for the insights!" Ed, United States
"This report was a pretty accurate description of me. He uses several modalities that come to the same conclusion to describe your soul. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you Stephan for the cool report." Nancy, United States
"Completely accurate and gave me some new awarenesses that I know I will be able to implement. Thank you!" Debra, United States
"amazing and insightful. now I get it!" Mary, United States
"Stephen's reading was lovely, thorough and insightful. The reflection provided validation and perspective in deeply soulful ways. If you are in the process of soul inquiry this is a useful tool." Anahata, United States
"This reading was beyond lovely. Very caring and chock full of cool information. It was like a connect-the-dots to so many aspects that make up who I am. It answered why some things happen for me the way they do. Thank you very much, I'm deeply grateful." Debbi, United States
"I am extremely impressed on how this system resonates exactly with our soul and human essence. It is most certainly a gift to assist us in awakening our own Gifts within and vibration so that we may understand our own soul tone and uniqueness and offer this to each other similtaneously. Thank you Stephen, for this valuable information. I am honored to have aligned with your wisdom and knowledge and am grateful to feel the expansion within me to my highest soul purpose." Andrea, United States
"Happy new year Stephan, I am so lucky to have found you, you are in my heart. Thank you for this gift of Love I will read and re read it. YOU are a special soul." Janice, United States
"very insightful! I enjoyed the wide range of systems that were integrated into the reading!" Todd, United States
"Stephens insights were insightful, illuminating and inspiring toward getting me back on the right path and defining myself and what I offer to the world. thank you stephan, blessings.... bb" Blueberry, United States
"Thank you Stephan! You nailed it!" Elizabeth, United States
"Wow! This is an amazing tool of transformation. Stephan has spent countless hours creating this beautiful tool to know yourself on a deep soul level. Thank you for the insight and gift of your intuition and wisdom. I recommend this to everyone. Kristen White, host of The Ripple Effect" Kristen, United States
"thank you for letting me know finally what I can do to help myself and how i can and do help others. thank you for showing me my light and hopefully I can beam brightly" Angie, United States
"Dearest Stephan. You are spot on about me. It has taken many years for me to understand myself. You have summed me up in a nut shell! Thank- you for your loving kindness and this beautiful gift. Love always. Carolee" Carolee, United States
"Stephan, I loved seeing myself in your mirror. So many beautiful truths and profound revelations. Thanks for sharing...the love, the light, and the understanding!" Shaeri, United States
"Knowledge is light. In this age where all things are moving into the light, Stephen's mirror has come forth to bring about this change. The awareness gained by this soul reading opens many doors of possibility. Knowledge is a foundation upon which other things are built upon, and with expanded consciousness we are more capable creators of this reality. I want to thank Stephen for providing the tools needed for us to anchor in a reality of Love and Light for this coming age. :-)" Soham, United States
"wow, this has been the most beautiful, informative, and true reading I have ever had. This reading has allowed me to see myself as a whole and has really put to light who I really am, have been, and will be. so much gratitude!!! So much has been unfolded and will now continue to unfold like rapid fire. Many blessings to you, Stephan.. love and eternal light!!" Alexis, United States
"fascinating collage of esoteric easy to digest soul superfood appetizers that feed the heart with good vibrations . Stephan's Mirror is oracular volleyball! I am gifting him with one Crop Circle Oracle Card Deck to see if he can add a sacred geometry mirror to his hall of sacred mirrors!" Joseph-Mark, Canada
"Stephen's interpretations are right on the point. I could not find anything to differ with my experience of myself in this incarnation. Thank you so much Stephen! In return I would like to send you to If you dig around in there you can find The Fractal Universe Tarot. I wrote the interpretations and they are very useful for New Age entrepreneurs and aspirants. " Christina, United States
"Thank you Stephan for this lovely reading! What struck to me the most was the part that talks about the gift that I could give to the world. Mine says "Leading and organizing" I have felt the leader part in me...I just hesitate to show it. So, it touched me when it said that I am designed to lead, direct, organize and govern. It was beautiful how this reading told me significant changes that the change of my past name brought me. Thank you, This was truly a blessing :D" Diya, United States
" I find the information direct and insightful. I will re-read the findings a few more times. I sure I will retain more and different meanings everytime. I highly recommend giving this your attention." Richard, United States
"Very accurate. A great tool for transformation for all to use to understand themselves and the Journey they are taking. Thank you so Much. Much Love Karla" Karla, United States
"Very beautiful...very encouraging. There was no new information for me in this reading...and it did seem to be an accurate portrait of all the positive attributes I know myself to possess. Very enjoyable!" Talley, United States
"Very accurate and informative." Venay, South Africa
" Some original and insightful touches. Thank you" Magdalena, South Africa
"This was a wonderfully thorough and accurate reading! I loved it!!!!" Valerie, United States
"A truly inspired reading! A weaving together of what I already intuit and what I do not know. I feel blessed and acknowledged. Maureen Murphy" Maureen, United States
"Interesting ;). " Sheri, United States
"Thank you for adding your insight! " Charolette, United States
"Very interesting interpretation! I can really relate to being a diplomatic enigma! " Carol, United States
"I am very compelled by the accuracy of my reading. Heart and soul THANKS for the poignant articulation of my Divine Essence... with specific clarity and accuracy. You offered expanded awareness of things I've known, which of course supports me in solidifying many of my current goals and aspirations. Deep and sincere thanks. I admire your gifits. Blessings... Lori " Lori, United States
"This was most awesome!" Ellen, United States
"Hi Stephan. thanks for the free reading and yes pretty accurate.Well done!! Regards Corinne" Corinne, United Kingdom
"This was so on-point that I'm wondering if I know Stephan." Kim, United States
"Thank you for such an insightful message. I feel that it has very much applied directly to me and has tapped into my traits remarkably well!" Kelly, United States
"This is eye opening in some ways, and other ways I've truly known about for about a year. " Ann, United States
"Absolutely spot on! Stephan has done some great work here, pulling together various systems of ancient wisdom. Each piece of my report fit me to a T. Many thanks Stephan - I'll be referring to this from time to time to keep me on track! Brian D'Angelo" Brian, United States
"I thought this was a very thoughtful reading and interpretation :) Thank you" Laurie, United States
"hit many nails on the head. very inspiring and nurturing to hear the words i already know about myself, the good and the challenge of dealing with myself, in a verbal atmosphere of encouragement and love. thank you. xoxo karen" Karen, United States
"This was a very full and comprehensive report and seemed on target on many areas. Thank you so much." Robin, United States
"THIS IS FANTASTIC" Jami, United States
"wonderful" Leda, Italy
"The reading was a validation of thoughts encountered along the path. A time may arise whence these qualities are summoned for the evolution of mankind, to the glory of G-d. May I benefit this planet and assist my fellow humans with experiences and insights learned along the way. Shalom!" Jonathan, United States
"My reading was a validation of the desires of my soul! This system is an accurate map to ensure ones soul purpose in a joyful and encouraging language that is easy to digest and share with the masses. Both timely and timeless. I highly recommend a reading with Stephan. People of all ages can benefit from this powerful tool for the age of enlightenment! Many blessings to your path and mission dear one... In Gratitude, Angelica Perman" Angelica, United States
"I have Now looked in to the Magic Mirror of Steghan's Reflection of my True Nature..From this Deep awareness and Conformation of my Inner Truths..I Am Free Tobe.. Me..! and Share My Gifts with the World.. This is a Gift for Personal Growth for a new Era of Enlightement through Self-Realization..thank you .. " Evan, United States
"Dear Stephan,I have just finished going through & absorbing this beautifully put together reading.It was created instantly simply by the letters in my birth name and current name as well as my date of birth entering this life cycle I am experiencing now...I have always had a fascination with this type of exploration into better understanding my purpose and becoming my own best friend shining LOVE to all aspects of my being to heal and strengthen internally. Shining my heart light brighter as the years progress is what I am all about. I shift between being a Momma Bear to our grown children and many I encounter and also a devoted Golden Goddess wife & lover these are my strongest alter egos. THANKYOU Very much for offering and putting this reading together on my behalf. I am most appreciative and plan to refer to it often. : )Wishing You Love and Joy, AmyRose" Amy, United States
"This is an amazin' an' almost sinfully delightful experience...I grinned m'way through' tears o'knowin' snuck in at times, too...I've had a lot of readin's an' this is one o'the most accurate an' truthul ones I've experienced...the power points are spot on, an' the delivery o'the less than desirable traits is both gentle an' encouragin'... very pleased with the' now I'm gonna have some ice the bathtub... for a whiiile...So there...It's approved Ani-Way ...~_~" Ani, United States
"Stephan, Thank You for this Amazing Reading! I felt it was Right On target and described me completely and accurately. I would Recommend Your Readings to anyone. Amazing Insight! God Bless You with Love,Namaste' Gail Kenyon " Gail, United States
"I would have to say it is a rather accurate depiction.. I have experience with other readings , & I must say I was very pleased . Already being a spiritual person.. There was much of this that I was already familiar with ,but I will still say it was worth it & I was satisfied.. Thank You Stephan." Ryan, United States
"I very much enjoyed my reading and also the opportunity to have Stephan explain my reading in detail. This is a great tool of discovery and empowerment to live in your divine soul essence. Can't wait to explore further how to use this in my coaching practice. --Annette Pieper," Annette, United States
"enlivening in light inning and profoundly simply sublime...I will be resonating to my essence...rocking it! thank you stephan! veena" Urvashi, United States
"wow! I,m now free to be me! all my aloha." Redhart, United States
"This was a miraculous reading. I can not say how pertinent it was to what is going on in my life right now and freeing it is....Love and Light to all." Barbara, United States
"Wonderful and Insightful Reading...So On Target it is Amazing!! Thank You :)" Gail, United States
"Stephans unique style of reading the souls purpose is absolutely amazing, accurate and enlightening! Thank you for taking the time to develop this much needed tool at this time as part of our evolutionary process. " Lise, United States
""Very informative and enlightening, the entire reading gave me a deeper understanding of who I am, where I’m going, much clarity, along with answers of why some things in my life have not come together. I have a much better sense of my true self and the direction I need to take. Thank you Stephan, for your much needed insight helping me discover my true essence." Trisha, United States " Trisha, United States
"Exact. Perfect. Genius. Thank so much Stephan" Ellen, United States
"This is a wonderful site and would recommend this to everyone. Thank you so much for letting me actually see what I knew... This is fantastic!!!" Wanda, United States
"This was an awesome experience, hands donw. I do numerology an pay attention to zodiacs, but this had many other areas I have never seen brought to light, they were all spot on! I thurougly enjoyed the The Seasons of my Life report for the next fives years, look slike an amazing adventure, I gladly welcome it. Thanks so much, this truly has spark my energies and many good things have been happeneing since. ~Namaste~" Stephanie, United States
"Excellent!!!" Tres, United States
"The gifting of Stephans Mirror and his heartfelt reading of my soulessence offered me beautiful strengths and keys of wisdom. He gave me a deeper, more profound understanding of self, in his offering he created a space to balance these beautiful aspects I had been living through and before now, had not seen the totality of the gifts I came here to express. Stephan has brought forth, his gift, a mirror for true enlightenment for each and every soul. The time is now , the way is clear,here is your next steps on the journey back home to yourself. Blessings of Light and Love Dear Stephan..." Janis, United States
"Thank you Stephan! very revealing and inspiring tool you have created!!!" Constance, United States
"thankyou with love, miss fawn-eyes lunde" Fawn-Eyes, United States
"Stephan just read my reading 100% in all directions exactly my life..well done... nice variation haven't seen it b4 ever complete balance thank u," Christina, United States
"Very thorough, insightful and re-affirming of my life....thank you very much!" Gabriele, United States
"A very intriguing and fascinating experience. The concept, as I understand it, is that we each came into this incarnation with a specific matrix code, or essence, and that our soul/higher self chose our very unique birth name, and from that we can begin to deduce our true selves when vibrating at our highest levels. I learned some very important things about my 'signature',.... who I came here to be. Thanks!" Jonathan, United States
"The insightfulness of the reading was amazing, not your standard typical reading. Stephan intuition, passion and heart is beautiful to experience and brings the information to life on many levels. What a joy and with deep gratitude I thank you for this experience. I think everyone has a genuine questioning of why am I hear, humanity now has the answer. " Nicole, United States
"I am really amazed at how accurate the reading is. So many things I have known and have embraced consciously, and the rest I have deep down knew that this was where my life was heading. This seems like such a great tool to easily focus myself into my core being, and to help me realize when I am not. I would recommend everyone to experience this. Truly amazing!" David, United States
"this is a gift to the world, a unique way of seeing who you are by combining facets from a dozen systems of belief. It is a synergy of perspectives that can help point you to the gift of who you truly are. Great accomplishments and great people came from realizing their uniqueness. why wait? You are what you are waiting for." Stefan, United States
"Stephen thank you for opening my vision, allowing me to see the true Essence of who I am. You have given clarity and powerful meaning to my journey. I am most grateful for your abilities and wanting to pave the way for others to see their true Essence and the Power and Perfectness of who they are. Sending Love and Blessings." Georgia, United States
"Being familiar with many system of self empowerment, I am amazed, excited about, and appreciate the synthesis of the wisdom into a reading enhanced by visuals, fun and the unpredictable. " Chiara, United States
"Thank you Stephan for your keen insight and depth of knowledge. The timelessness you offer to your readings is a great gift and the things I often forget were brought to my attention clearly. When I was in need of a reading, God brought you to me within minutes of my needs. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kathleen, United States
"artistically expressed awarenesses" Cynthia, United States
"A day later, I continue the process of marinating in, surrendering to and ultimately awakening to my divinely chosen soul essence, which I now understand on a much deeper spiritual plane. I am profoundly moved and at times overwhelmed to the point of //tears// as I latch onto a deeper understanding of my soul essence in conjunction with its accompanying traits and truths. Even though my #1 AwakenESSENCE coordinate feels daunting a lot of the time, I am shifting into a space of allowing myself to just BEcome one with it and embrace its vibrance, vitality and unique flavor. Much gratitude Stephan for opening my eyes to the authentic 'double truth' of who and what I came into this lifetime to do and be. AwakenESSENCE aka MyEpicTruth is a game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking deeper knowledge about themselves and/or curiosity about their Soul Purpose. Thanks for being YOU Stephan Coutts, you are a conduit of pure love, integrity and inspiration! <3 " Jamie, United States
"very good, done it before so have heard a lot of it already! " Hanne, United States
"Stephan has created an amazing system that weaves together the teachings and wisdom of many ancient traditions. I found my profile to be spot on. It was a great reminder to prioritize the gifts I've come here to share as well as a nod to the path I'm walking now and devoting my life to. The reading also gave me permission to stop playing small in some of the areas I feared I was taking up to much space and showed me how the Universe is inviting me to play a bigger game by bringing me into this incarnation with this Divine Matrix of qualties, skills, talents, passions, etc. Thanks again!! I highly recommend this!" Davina, United States
"I am so thrilled to receive this reading! Each part of it rings true with my spirit and receiving this clarity is anchoring me even more deeply to my YES for being here on the planet now, giving my gifts as I came to give them, and living the life I so perfectly designed for myself. Thank you! " Jessica, United States
"Stephan, it has truly been a blessing to witness what a major difference you are making in the world by helping me to understand how to begin living in my own truth! I'm so excited to make a difference and be bright and happy! I have big plans to be a shining bright light and raise the vibrations of the universe! Thank you for being you so I can be me ;-) much love, Amber" Amber, United States
"this was fantastic and will greatly help me understand much more about my being and true essence. Thanks Stephan!" Thomas, United States
"I'm really enjoying this experience with Stephan which has confirmed for me so much of who I thought I was/am and the areas which I need to continue to be mindful of. It's incredibly accurate and will be a helpful tool for the future." Marie, United States
"This reading gave me the chills, amazing software program rooted in the math of the universe " Ky, United States
"wow... even as a very opinionated analytical and systems thinker, I must say I am very very impressed and even FEEL blessed that I got this reading done. trust me: it's very hard to impress me. ;)" Oonhyahng, United States
"bringing your essence into light allows one to examine himself and rise to your higher self." Robert, United States
"bringing your essence into light allows one to examine himself and rise to your higher self." Robert, United States
"right on, fun, thorough like me, ha. I love combining all the different awareness tools throughout history. I love that it goes five years in the future. reaffirming and brings further peace to my evolving soul that has been recently integrating my many colors and functioning well in the moment day to day. isn't life glorious. Thank you for your gentle inspiring enlightening soul." Pamela, United States
"A delightfully and deeply perceptive and rich. An engagingly fun experience." John, United States
"very heart felt and thorough insight! thank you for your service!" Rafael, United States
"I thought the reading was helpful in seeing that the traits I have are part of a preodannd desingh so why not enjoy me being me " Jonathan, United States
"This was truly more streamlined than expected. I expected some ambiguity, but got consistent connecting traits, essence in myself I well identify with. I know where to focus, and what to check. Like tools for alinement, I can use this. Thank you Stephan." David, United States
"Helped me aline with my higher self and higher inner soul purpose and awaken into one. thank you for this gift. I recommend that who is spoken to seek him out for inner guidance. Blessings :) " Daryn, United States
"The Awaken Essence reading is amazingly accurate, insightful and affirming! May this brilliant program continue to fuel the awakening, creating more Love & Light & Inspiration for all!" Patricia, United States
"highly accurate and enjoyable. I see my self as I AM here and now. The reading tells Truth." Axel, United States
"Thank you so much Stephan. This was very revealing. You gave me quite a booster shot too. I enjoyed this and will be mulling it over more deeply. I hope your ideas achieve a wide audience. You have a very good heart. Blessings to you." Donna, United States
"Everything I heard was spot ON! This will help others know their true self. Be lighthearted and Enjoy looking in the mirror. You wont be disappointed with who you see. Im so glad I was reminded Im a Lighthouse. Thank you! " David, United States
"very right on. curious about how to further the universe with this." Norma, United States
"appropriate unfolding manifestation of the universe confirmation that all is as it should be on a deeper level, beyond knowing." James, United States
"Stephan, Thank you for a thorough, comprehensive and detailed and of course accurate reading! I really appreciate that you give so much with all the various branches of psychology, Tarot, Astrology with numerous channels of insight including the future :) Your program is extremely valuable and rings true. Many thanx and blessings. Barbara" Barbara, Canada
"an in-depth detailed teasing that clarifies and inspires a authentic motivation to create from a new place of authenticity and empowerment. extremely exhilarating and grounding in truth. the reading is an ally that brings affirmation your intuitive perspective of yourself that has been waiting to be uncovered and welcomed." Isabella, United States
"I feel like stephan has discovered a extremely powerful cosmic connection we are in need of,all of us. from the moment I sat down and listened to his words and felt his presence I knew there was an undeniable truth in his message. " Tina, United States
"Wow! I felt really depressed and lost before this reading, was looking for answers to know if I was really on the right path or not. Stephan helped me see that all my qualities are really good, helped me to know myself, and point me in the right direction. One that I really knew all along." Rima, United States
"thank you so much stephan the reading was fun and fabulous and deep. I feel more clarity and able to focus and just be who I truly am how divine!Much love and many blessings" Heather, United States
"wow, feeling so blessed to have this wonderful chance of confirmation and guidance. This time with Stephan allows for me to move deeper into my destiny with confidence and carry a brighter light!" Suzette, United States
"Amazingly accurate and enlightening. Makes you feel you have a right to be you! Namaste and blessings. DDD " Leota, United States
"I feel I'm in my body. I have been reminded of my divineness!" Katherine, United States
"Wow! an unexpected surprise today, a true mirror, an incredible insightful journey to remind me of my True Essence. My illusions cleared away and a perfect reminder that I created this life and that I Experience. A beautiful shift. Thank You. " Sharmila, United States
"I was completely amazed by the thoughness and accuracy of this reading! I highly recommend it to all who are searching and ready for enlightenment! this is a must!" Anthony, United States
"brother it was flowing energy.. of accurate heart.. in deed this is why we are here.. thank you for thy message.. message received ." Ingrid, United States
"An epic tool to my own and unique holy grail. " Mariana, United States
"ancient wisdom, technology, and pureness producing a perfect reflection of my essence positive guidance to for my reaching my highest potential being truly happy and healing " Stacey, United States
"just when you think you really know yourself stephan comes along and brings even more clarity and precision into ones life,setting your essence into directional purpose! thank you narayan" Kristi, United States
"I am in total harmony with the understanding of this reading,there is clarity of the triangular impression of me... thank you for bring this as a tool of insight into the world!" Lisa, United States
"I really enjoyed this and spot on! Nothing I didn't know, but nice to be validated. Thank you for this amazing gift." Martha, United States
"excellent reading. thanks for your energ" Richard, United States
"clear precise empowering!!! thank you Stephan I received so much insight from this magical mirrortastic voyage. I understand my path and soul so much more clearly. I will refer to this map forever. infinite appreciation for all the love and diligent intellect you put into this amazing science. your awesome!!!" Steven, United States
"spot on" Lisa, United States
"fabulous! so wonderful to have such an encouraging light of wisdom. thank you Stephen! blessings!" Rachel, United States
"This reading has shown me my Truth, one I have been on some levels living, and on others, denying. I am so grateful to have this as a beautiful mirror for me to hold up to see my Essence. Of course it comes at the perfect time when I am so diligently "trying" to figure myself out. This blessing shows me that instead of micro-managing every little part of me, I am allowed and simply must live as my true essence. No more hiding or thinking something is "wrong" with me. I am perfect as I am...period. THANK YOU!" Brooke, United States
"OMG, this is absolutely amazing- this blew my mind," Kimberly, United States
"This experience was amazing, and it brought tears to my eyes more than once. As a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Reader, I have spent lots of time trying to teach and learn how to transcend ego. WITH THIS EXPERIENCE I NOW KNOW I DON'T HAVE TO! The ego is a powerful tool through which essence is expressed. I encourage everyone to a session with Stephen, to honor your essential expression, and manifest your essential purpose in this reality. " Laura, United States
"this is so enlightening and helpful. such a great overview and insightful perspective. " Elizabeth, United States
"i feel a lot more in tune with myself and my essence in life." Michelle, United States
"It left me with a feeling of centeredness. I understand my essence more clearly and believe it will help me manifest important things into my life." Juliana, United States
"The reading was amazing! It goes straight at everything I already knew, but still need to hear." David, United States
"truly a fantastic alchemy labour of love,,, what more important to hear those vibrant truth , invisible and yet powerful single thread who bring you again to who you feel you are!" Veronique, United States
"This reading offered me a beautiful kaleidoscopic image out of what had before been as fragments....both humbling and inspiring. Thank you." Emily, United States
"extremely interesting, thought provoking and relevant.... a helpful tool to perceive oneself in a fuller perspective.... great work Stephan!" Susan, United States
"wow! incredible affirmations about my path and this overwhelming feeling of "of course, it all makes sense now!" thank you so much Stephan!!!" Jennifer, United States
"very interesting! it clarified some things about myself and shed a different light and perspective on others. a very loving and insightful reading/journey. thank you!!" Jennifer, United States
"This reading.....was my manifestation. I now have a clear vision of my Essence and am Blissed! Thank you Star Brother! ***" Laura, United States
"I now know that what I suspected all along is true. I need to be more me than ever before.It's not an option, it's a gift." Denise, United States
"I feel this was a vital step in my spiritual path... it is the clarity of my Essence that will guide me. I have always know that I have this power, but I chose to temper it because it was bad. " Stacy, United States
"Awe inspiriting.... above the imagination.. sinking into the heart of soul matter AM. this is a very profound and important work being done by a very enlightened being. I feel grateful and blessed by GOD in the Highest!" Adrien, United States
"When I was young, I would push away the fiction books and demand a "fact book". Seeing, thinking and feeling is believing for me - Stephan did this and provided a solid depiction of my essence rooted in intellect as well as visceral fact. I remain grateful and charged." Brian, United States
"Put that core aspect of yourself, your foundation of Spirit, at the helm and let it direct your heart, intellect and ultimately your life." Jane, United States
"extraordinarily insightful, revelatory and inspiring, my life is enriched beyond measure. I am now fearless, stephan is a magical blessing to the world!" Molly, United States
"Brilliant! All the clues woven together to remind me of my essence and mission. I can feel my soul applauding with the alignment and recognition of the truth of who I am. Thank you!" Tao, United States
"such a thorough and brilliant reading! thank you for bringing forth this amazing gift! <3" Renae, United States
"Extremely accurate affirmation of my self essence. I absolutely recommend this AwakenESSENCE Reading for others. I believe it has amplified my joy!" Richard, United States
"navigating the symmetry of the evolutionary impulse" Grant, United States
"brought up key aspects which I can use to reflect on my own life with. " Maja, United States
"confirmation, clarity & direction! this tool that Stephen has created combining the essence of multiple metaphysical practices is brilliant. love love love bring it on! can't wait to print this, hang it on my wall and read it and live my purpose daily . LOVE IT, much appreciation & gratitude for your guidance! cheers!" Sara, United States
"Serendipity brought me to Stephan. I was feeling tied up and strung upside down, yet faith and hope lit my crown, allowing my chariot to carry me to this meeting of Divine light, love and Universal truth. This union brought awareness (some conscious and some unknown) to my Divine Essence that is part of the Whole. That which has beckoned me, relentlessly, has awakened, and has roots to uphold this tree, It's branches and leaves, now reaching for the sky and emanating it's place with it's unique, and beautiful expression in harmony of the whole." Deborah, United States
"Phenomenal, integrated, almost infinitely varied system of divination with multiple cultural, mathematical reference points, which help a person to read a map of where and who they are, have been and can be. " David, United States
"it was an interesting experience that reallynchanged the way I think about myself" Serena, United States
"so cool! incredibly useful & informative!" Tiobe, United States
"It was really interesting to see so many different aspects of the life essence. surprisingly accurate!" Megan, United States
"Wonderfully clear, and heart warm truth " Devane, United States
"Very nice reading. Summed up a lot of things for me." Audrey, United States
"VERY informative and helpful to my future." Sandra, United States
"Stephen is a magnificent being...beautiful energy & light shining through!" Tai, United States
"quite an eye opener..looking forward to pursuing my path...loved Stephan" Karen, United States
"excellent" Alice, United States
"You KNOW me! Excellent validation and fun too. Thank you!:)" Baby, United States
"awesom discovery of self!!!" Judith, United States
"This is a great system... I really appreciate the reading... and feel empowered!!!" Cynthia, United States
"I can't believe how much this information resonated within me and lifted my Spirits. What an amazing tool! " Deborah, United States
"awareness opening--ahh haw moments" Mary, United States
"I thoroughly appreciated my AwakenEssence session. it completely resonated with me on a deep level. I think everyone I know would benefit from this. " Susan, United States
"this program is very accurate and it's nice to know the seasonal shifts of the cards." Sierra, United States
"quite accurate and a great and interesting read" Brendon, United States
"thank you for this loving and guiding message. a reminder of who I am is always pleasant. May life guide you well and bring wonderful things. This is a gift that was given to me and it was a gift I shall never forget. :) thank you " Jeremiah, United States
"Whoa! I'm blown away! I know exactly what i need to do now!" Eliza, United States
"like the way this info. helps one synchronize with all the traits to focus attunement to ones spirit. loved the experience!!! " Beatris, United States
"incredibly accurate and absolutely amazing. everyone should have one done!!!!" Sharon, United States
"stephan's mission is beautiful and simple: Know your true essence so you can do what you need to do for yourself and the planet. it helps trim the fat, so to speak, of all the superfluous distractions that keep us from living our true unique essences. his system synthesizes several ancient sophisticated was very powerful for me and confirmed my path in following my heart. embark deep into your essence with Stephan and follow yours!!" Lisa, United States
"amazing, beautiful composition - a poetically intrinsic translation of the essence that moves my soul - thank you Stephan - a pleasure - bless you" Natalie, United States
"this is a wonderful modality that allows your truest sense of self be mirrored back with depth and clarity. I appreciate the beautiful reading I received and look forward to sharing this with my loved ones!" Whitney-Paige, United States
"f'n amazing!!! and wonderful. and powerful...amazing." Tana, United States
"very liberating and awakening informative.....a revelation of a deeper understanding of myself" Phoebe, United States
"very affirming of what I experience in my life!" Donna, United States
"Most valuable time ever spent!!! ...Andrea Yazdi" Andrea, United States
"may all beings continue the path to self love and realization through all and any tools which promote such. I see myself in this reading and in the eyes of all. many blessings to all" Megan, United States
" very cool" Guy, United States
"Stephan is an amazing intuit with a clear vision and an authentic desire to help others. He is was spot on and I would highly recommend his readings to anyone who wants to awaken to their life's purpose." Raquel, United States
"the essence is always good and makes the listener feel good. in other words it makes me hopeful of the future and I'm truly a good person. But I can't prove it now what is true now because I don't know really who I am and furthermore anything is possible in the future so whatever you say could be true." Geovanny, United States
"Stephan has a sweet, genuine and straightforward manner of sharing information that can focus your life's purpose. I'm grateful to have the information that he shared- if you've never had a reading before or have had many, THIS experience will be valuable, practical and inspiring " Celina, United States
"this reading had two errors by the way but the rest was good " Kai, United States
"This was a great program and explains my connection to earth" Timothy, United States
"brilliant - definitely for real. absolutely awesome experience that I know will be kept in my thinking ." William, United States
"very thorough analysis. pulled together many different aspects to reveal themes and a complete, accurate portrait of my life story." Skylar, United States
"profound,experience delving into the divine mysteries of me.thank you for the love.kayren" Norma, United States
"My reading with Stephan has been so uplifting and centering. I feel more grounded in who I am, in the this I have known of myself, and in new things I have learned about myself and I feel more empowered to be who I am want to be because now I see that it is who I am meant to be in this life. thank you Stephan!" Dawn, United States
"a combination of things I had heard before and totally new aspects I hadnt yet heard put into words. illuminating, and very enjoyable experience/study! thank you! I highly recommend to others? ;)" Alison, United States
"amazing profile of a great bunch of my essence. helped to clarify what I can most enjoy in this body mind vehicle. sooooo good to have tees multiple dimensions in one place, as multiple lenses of ancient wisdom amplifying multiple essential dimensions of me in synergy!" Scott, United States
"wow. this reading gave me goosebumps more than once! it feels so good to have a mirror held up that shows me the beauty of what is..." Erin, United States
"this is great. lots of great detail and perspective insight as to defining my spiritual personality. I feel that these we're great readings that came full circle. I can't wait to train my essence to be more spiritually awakened with this new found perception of depth." See, United States
"This is an incredible service to mankind! AwakenEssence is a veritable akashic record for contemporary times!" Zachary, United States
"clarity, fluid and dynamic. the reading builds confidence by seeing your strengths and embracing your total self" Arthur, United States
"Amazingly accurate and exciting! Enormous affirmation! Allows me to go forward with assurance!" Roger, United States
"very to the point, this isn't hear to boost your ego, but to help you see what you already know:)" Zoom, United States
"very illuminating " Nanette, United States
"even though I am not so feeling present right now, I am sure that this reading has really given me a lot of clarity and which is very essential to my centering and has the capacity to make me happier. I feel clean about the reading so thank you so much. " Asya, United States
"I have been authenticated! You have truly recognized essence of being...thank you for creating such a wonderful tool toward SEEing authentic self." Giovanna, United States
"this is amazing technology with in it wisdom." Tyler, United States
"eye opening... " Lindsay, United States
"I fully enjoyed learning new ideas describing myself. And reaffirming personal traits that I had seen or others had seen in my self" Justin, United States
"nice distillation of esoteric knowledge." Randal, United States
"This reading lined up rather perfectly with my experience. it validated my journey and communicated to me that I am on the correct path! most importantly it has reminded me to continue to trust myself, that being one of the most important aspects of this journey. thank you!" Christopher, United States
"thank you so much for this reading :) it was meant to be. We have a mission in this life and mine is to show the world that it is beautiful :) . " Djamilla, United States
"thank you stephan it is been. such a great and wonderful pleasure to have a reading with you..I love your energy your smile your gentleness.your are a wonderful human being. Now i have all this informations that I need to continue my journey here one earth." Claire, United States
"This was an extremely eye-opening experience! This explained exactly who I am and why I am that way. I was very grateful for the opportunity to get to learn more! get" Heidi, United States
"!!!" Molly, United States
"Amazing! " Benjamin, United States
"The timing of this reading was fortuitous. It made immediate sense and bolstered my awareness of what I already knew. It felt completely intuitive." Kathy, United States
"This report and reading was incredibly accurate and very insightful. It was an amazing validation of what I am doing, where I am going, and that I am absolutely on my correct path in life. Certainty is awesome. Thanks so much Stephan, this is terrific work. " Phyllis, United States
"A very insightful reading highlighting aspects of self and relationships from many different perspectives honoring the past and present, inviting and enabling self love and releasing judgements. Thank you Stephan!" Thomas, United States
"This reading was so amazingly right on with me that I am going to be enjoying the digesting and integration of my true self for a long time to come. The release I have received from the wisdom I am coming to in this process feels amazing thank you stephan with true appreciation from mo" Maureen, United States
"F*****ing! Phenomenal !!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh :)))))))))) sweetly :)))))))))))) ahhhhh!!!!" Teresa, United States
"This points out a clear light of the things I have understood throughout my life but have often placed doubt over due to fear. I know and feel now after having this certainty that everything has it's own Devine reason, with this knowledge I really have awoken. I'm now looking forward to changing the world as I always said I would throughout life." Tor, United States
"This is amazing !! I want to come back to this with my family, a power perspective of you and your loved ones ." Karen, United States
"That was very insightful, accurate and great inspiration to continue along the path I've been creating!" Hilary, United States
"MAHALO stephan, such a beautiful and affirming message my reading has gifted me. I feel confidant and self assred that I am undeniably and at my own pace following my own unique path. Aloha nui loa. " Kirsten, United States
"Thank you so much for this excellent tool, this reading has been very illuminating and I am definitely going to share with my friends. Thank you." Christopher, United States
"My reading is truely what my life on Earth is all about. It is a Blessing to have. and ponder on for many days to come. Bless your Heart Stephan for the important message and all your research, to be able to share and help others.*) Tea" Terese, United States
"although it may not have been what I wanted to hear or read, there is no doubt in my mind that everything said is true. And reading it with Stephan helping explain it along the way now gives me a kind of confidence to accept and progress with traits and characteristics I use to supress or change. Amazing :) " Winnifred, United States
"thankyou with love, miss fawn-eyes lunde" Fawn-Eyes, United States
"Stephan just read my reading 100% in all directions exactly my life..well done... nice variation haven't seen it b4 ever complete balance thank u," Christina, United States
"I am lucky to be one of the very first paying clients of 'My Epic Truth' and I have returned to get an updated version now named awakenessence and I am delighted. Enhanced with beautiful imagery while still maintaining thorough, concise and fun reading. I particularly appreciate awakenessence 'mellowing out' and giving information in easy, colloquial and modern expression. I also enjoy awakenessence unique nickname system, very cool and easy to remember. - Arrogant Victor - Bryan B" Bryan, United States
"This reading provided some much needed clarity and I recommend it highly. Thanks! " Elizabeth, United States
"This reading was illuminating and is a big tool in understanding my everyday process. What a gift. Thanks." Kaydean, United States
"this is an amazing experience and an incredible tool for anyone. " Kyle, United States
"i was extremely suprised by the truths this revealed. Im not an easy believer in these type of things; but I was pleasantly suprised at the accuracy in the simple and more complex truths. " Jewell, United States
"Wow nailed me on the spot. Cool to see and know where I belong on what to work toward." Robyn, United States
"I found my chart and stephan's consultation to be spot on and highly illuminating. I got insights into my real nature that I'm now embracing," Steven, United States
"Be ready to allow the powerful forces of the universe to respond as you shift your life into authentic overdrive." Steven, United States
"This was an awesome reading, very insightful, inspiring and truthful. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you, thank you!!" Lisa, United States
" very good and I will use this to let other know how greet life is. " Sara, United States
"Stephan: What a Grand pleasure to meet and listen to you this evening..You are Brilliant and Amazing...look forward to assisting the Village! Thank you and Bless You, Jill Patton" Jill, United States
"I am so impressed! I love how this reading illuminates my path through REAL clarity and direction. THANK YOU!" Rachel, United States
"Let me add my voice to the chorus of others who feel awed by what Stephan has brought forth. It's not merely accurate and useful, it's jaw-dropping." Evan, United States
"This reading brings strength to my inner knowing. That now I can act upon. " Laurel, United States
"Thank you so much... this is a very special gift for me today! seems you had done a great work for the people..." Vesna, United States
"WOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" Audra, United States
"Wow....very interesting." Erin, United States
"Thank you!" Christina, United States
"My own intutiveness has been quit accurate thru the years, for myself and others. I believe this to be very positively put, encouraging, well balanced, true to my personality, along with beleivable in detail. True, its needed throughout the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tina - San Juan Capistrano, Ca." Tina, United States
"Finally...I feel connected to my true essence ... what a gift for me...and the world! Thank you!!! Pati" Patrice, United States
"Wow! this accuracy is so amazing. It's like my personal "spirit guide" wrote it." Alicia, United States
"I had a lot of fun with this... You may as well :)))" Enza, Australia
"The gifting has given me peace today! ...and some structure to look into ! Thank You!!!" Patricia, United States
"Speechless...very acurate..." Julie, United Kingdom
"It was a perfect analysis of me. It was spot on and has given me new insight and understanding. I will refer back to this for help with guidance and acceptance" Jesse, United States
"thank you" vera, United States
"This is absolutely quite amazing, hitting the hammer right on the Nail. I have more clarity than i ever have and i am so excited to continue this incredible journey of truth..." Omar, Lebanon
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