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Stephan's Mirror for your SoulTM

See your unique genius, purpose, and destiny in this soul reading

"Wow! This is an amazing tool of trans-formation. A beautiful tool to know yourself on a deep soul level. I recommend this to everyone." Kristen White, TV Host of The Ripple Effect

In this reading, you will see your reflection in a mirror of ancient wisdom and you will feel both the accuracy and excitement of being seen at such a profound level. As we journey together we will discover the coordinates that bring you into your authentic expression." Stephan

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Here's what Kristen White, TV Host of The Ripple Effect, award-winning journalist said "Wow! This is an amazing tool of transformation. Stephan has spent countless hours creating this beautiful tool to know yourself on a deep soul level. I recommend this to everyone."

Professional Endorsements
Here is what they said about their
soul reading.


Davina Kotulski, Ph.D.
Author, Psychologist and Life Coach
The Flexible Flyer

"Stephan has created an amazing system that weaves together the teachings and wisdom of many ancient traditions. I found my profile to be spot on. It was a great reminder to prioritize the gifts I've come here to share as well as a nod to the path I"m walking now and devoting my life to. The reading also gave me permission to stop playing small in some of the areas I feared I was taking up to much space and showed me how the Universe is inviting me to play a bigger game by bringing me into this incarnation with this Divine Matrix of qualities, skills, talents, passions, etc. Thanks again!! I highly recommend this!"


Dr. Stefan Kasian, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, published author, and international public speaker.
The Sentimental Dynamo

"This is a gift to the world, a unique way of seeing who you are by combining facets from a dozen systems of belief. It is a synergy of perspectives that can help point you to the gift of who you truly are. Great accomplishments and great people came from realizing their uniqueness. why wait? You are what you are waiting for."


Dr. Chiara Gasparro, Ed.D.
Empowerment and Creative Stress Management for individuals, partners, families and organizations.
The Twin-Powered Persistant

"Thank you for your spirited Soul Purpose Reading. Being familiar with many system of self empowerment, I am amazed, excited about, and appreciate the synthesis of the wisdom into a reading enhanced by visuals, fun and the unpredictable. I especially appreciated the merging of words and visuals throughout."


David Michel Gow
International Playwright and Movie Producer
The Twin-Powered Wizard

"Phenomenal, integrated, almost infinitely varied system of divination with multiple cultural, mathematical reference points, which help a person to read a map of where and who they are, have been and can be.""


Jamie Feldstein, MA MFTI
Holistic Psychotherapist & Wellness Coach
The Beguiling Artiste

"A day later, I continue the process of marinating in, surrendering to and ultimately awakening to my divinely chosen soul essence, which I now understand on a much deeper spiritual plane. I am profoundly moved and at times overwhelmed to the point of //tears// as I latch onto a deeper understanding of my soul essence in conjunction with its accompanying traits and truths. Even though my number 1 AwakenESSENCE coordinate feels daunting a lot of the time, I am shifting into a space of allowing myself to just BEcome one with it and embrace its vibrance, vitality and unique flavor. Much gratitude Stephan for opening my eyes to the authentic "double truth" of who and what I came into this lifetime to do and be. Stephan's MIRROR is a game changer and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking deeper knowledge about themselves and/or curiosity about their Soul Purpose. Thanks for being YOU Stephan Coutts, you are a conduit of pure love, integrity and inspiration!"


Tommy Thayer
Lead guitarist for the legendary rock band KISS
The Designing Mastermind

"This was fantastic and will greatly help me understand much more about my being and true essence.""


Staff Pick Psychic at California Psychics
The Intuitive Traditionalist

"As a professional psychic I am blown away with the amazing gifts shown by Stephan. He was the best gift I could have ever received for my 50th Birthday. He has an amazing way of showing you how to love and honor yourself. Namaste Stephan I am blown away!"

Client Comments about their Stephan's MIRROR on-line and private session experience.

"Wow. Nailed it! I have some homework and application in front of me." Don,
"Very powerful and life-changing!" Tammy,
"Amazing reflection. Many insights I was aware of were highlighted in a way that felt comprehensable, and a few were new and intriguing. I have more clarity into my soul essence and purpose. I will utilize this information to enhance my awareness and shine my light. Many thanks!" Brendan,
"I`m out of my skin, my eyes are bugged out like a Tim Burton puppet and a whole new insight of self realization that can only help my destiny sore just entered the room and said "good morning". There were so many encouraging points as well as some fantastic insights on personal shortcomings that I can now watch for and use positive energies to reinforce the best outcome. This is a POWERFUL and beautiful look into yourself. I HIGHLY recommend this. Thank you Stephan. This was way more than I expected. I really loved the mirror visualization tool used to combine the essence of the true message- to engage all soul qualities in full realization of the destiny in perfect conjunction of heart. Now off I go to make all those visions happen. THANK YOU!" Colleen,
"This seemed to be just right as a mirror of what is true about me. Thank you for your beautiful desire to let people know themselves as their soul." Lauren, United States
"Awesome!" Marcy,
"Very accurate and in tune reading! Much of my personality, if not all of it, was made a most beautifully painted word picture with Stephan`s MIRROR Software. Thank you for this truly amazing, insightful, and inspiring gift. What a blast!" Joseph,
"This reading was flowing with truth of my soul, and I am grateful. Every section vibrated a ringing truth of my true essence. I am thankful, and this helps me understand my soul more so. - Blue Hayes" Blue,
"Perfect." Annique,
"After going through this reading and speaking in person with Stephan, I can say honestly, this is key to understanding and creating an enlightened, happier and easier existence for myself.I am honored and blessed to have had this reading shared with me and hope millions of others also may have this opportunity." Barb,
"On the mark! So nice to have all the systems integrated into one, for a really insightful reading. I feel understood and acknowledged after the reading." Amanda,
"Interesting information from a combination of cultures beautifully displayed." Nancy,
"I loved the multiple levels in this reading and felt that it really touched a deep part of me. I have been feeling sad lately and this has helped me to relax a bit and allow myself to be who I truly am. Thank you Stephan" Christine,
"This is an amazing and accurate reading ...a gift from the Universe, at the perfect time. It has given me clarity in a couple of areas in my life and a tool that I can use to help me move forward in the next chapter of my life!" Jan,
"After reading and reflecting on this soul reading, I find it quite accurate and useful. I will keep it on permanent file for reference on the rare days that I allow confusion to rule. This reading resonated with me and seems accurate. Thank you for your endeavors to shed light on the soul`s journey. Blessings and Aloha, Jann Miller" Jann,
"I am not sure what to do with it. I know myself and powers even without this, but utilizing them for the greatest good for all is where I am not of certainty. I desire clarity with using my gifts and desire that guidance. " Autumn, United States
"An Enlightening Experience - Life changing" John,
"Very powerful confirmation of who I feel I AM. Great reading and useful tool for self growth." Julie,
" ",
"It feels pretty good!" (posted - 1/6/2016)" Megan,
"" , Irena Gulic

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